17 Days
Feb-Jun, Sep-Dec

Ganesh Himal (Ruby Valley) Kalo-Seto Kunda Camping Trek

The Ganesh Himal (mountain) Region has remained was not explored earlier. Now it is open to all visitors. The area lies between Langtang National Park (Rasuwa) and the Manaslu Conservation Area Project.

The area (Ruby valley) is full of wildflowers and waterfalls with beautiful hill scenery ranging geographical, cultural and biological diversity. Trekkers can have view of sublime Himalaya. The main attraction is Ganesh Himal Range which has some excellent viewpoints that offer magnificent views of peaks and valleys– Ganga Jamuna (twin waterfalls) and Kalo, Seto and Ganesh kunda, hot spring and Tripurasundari temple. The Ganesh Himal Region lies in Dhading, Gorkha, Rasuwa and Nuwakot districts and most of the area is populated by Tamang, Gurung and Ghale in the the north, and Bramhin, Chhetri, Dalit, Newar and Chepang in the  south. The area is easily accessed by the Prithvi Highway and Pasang Lhamu Highway along the southern fringes, connecting Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1 Kathmandu-Shyabrubesi (8-9 hrs drive)
Day 2 Shyabru Besi-Chawatar- Gatlang (1 hr drive, 5- 6 hrs hike)
Day 3 Gatlang-Parvati Kunda-Yuri Kharka-Somdang 3271m (6-7 hrs trek)
Day 4 Somdang-Pangsang Pass 3842m (3.5hrs)
Day 5 Pangsang Pass-Tipling– Shertung-Chalish 1875m (5-6 hrs)
Day 6 Chalish-Hindung (Gomba Danda) 2402m (4 -5 hrs)
Day 7 Hindung-Thulo Dhunga 3337m (4-5 hrs)
Day 8 Thulo Dhunga-Base Camp (Nojet Kharka) 3691m (6 hrs)
Day 9 Exploration Day/viewpoint
Day 10 Return from Base Camp to Hindung (7-8 hrs)
Day 11 Hindung-hot springs-Racyat Gaon/Kapur Gaon 1500m (5-6 hrs)
Day 12 Rachyat/Kapur Gaon-Lapa-Khading Gaon 2025m (4-5 hrs).
Day 13 Khading Gaon to Magne Goth 2950m (4 hrs)
Day 14 Magne Goth – Lapu Danda 1250m (5-6 hrs)
Day 15 Lapu Danda – Ganga Jamuna 950m (5-6 hrs)
Day 16 Ganga Jamuna – Tripura Sundari 850m (5-6 hrs)
Day 17 Tripura Sundari – Kathmandu (6-7 hrs drive)


Day 1: Kathmandu-Shyabrubesi (8-9 hrs drive)

The trek begins from Shyabrubesi which is gateway to the Langtang National Park. Trekkers can reach there in private vehicle or public buses which leave for Shabrubesi from Kathmandu.

Day 2 : Shyabrubesi-Chawatar- Gatlang (1 hr drive, 5- 6 hrs hike)

After the breakfast, trekkers climbs uphill from Shyabrubesi until Bahun Danda Pass and descends to Tamang settlement of Gatlang which is a popular village along the Tamang Heritage Trail. Trekkers can also hike to Gatlang via Chawatar. Gatlang is a Tamang village is famous for unique customs and craftsmanship in a magnificent setting.

Day 3: Gatlang-Parvati Kunda-Yuri Kharka-Somdang 3271m (6-7 hrs trek)

After the breakfast, trekkers passes through pine and rhododendron forests to Yuri Kharka before continuing to Khurphu Bhanjyang. Then the trail drops down to Somdang River A sprawling mining compound, which is no longer functional, lies a few hours north of the river. The trail passes through scenic valley with 200 m Chukarma Waterfall.

Day 4: Somdang-Pangsang Pass 3842m (3.5 hrs)

After breakfast, trekkers head towards Pangsang Kharka which is the viewpoint of Somdang village and it has a broad panorama of the surrounding terrain. The large meadow is has a giant entry gateway and is a sensational location for camping and breathtaking scenery with abundant herbal plants. As there is no facility of basic lodge and accommodation, trekkers are recommended to take own tent for the night camp and take dry fruits or food for dinner.

Day 5: Pangsang Pass-Tipling– Shertung-Chalish 1875m (5-6 hrs)

After breakfast, trekkers descend to Tipling from Pangsang Pass. Tipling is a large village with two Buddhist monasteries and a church. Along a ridge top to the east lies a gomba and cremation ground for both Buddhists and Christians lined with colorful flags. Then trekkers descend to cross the Adha Khola on a box bridge and ascend to the sister villages of Shertung and Chalish, overlooking the fertile river valley and abundant fields.
Shertung or Chalish village is the only village in this region. From here, trekkers, who have planned short 7-day trek, can descend to Jharlang village after they walk some 5-6 hours and the next day, they can walk to Darkha village and move to Dhadingbesi – the headquarters of Dhading district and they can return to Kathmandu

Day 6: Chalish-Hindung (Gomba Danda) 2402m (4 -5 hrs)

After breakfast, trekkers head towards Hindung, which is a Tamang village of around 550 inhabitants. Crystals and rubies are found in the areas to the north.

Day 7 : Hindung-Thulo Dhunga 3337m (4-5 hrs)

After breakfast, trekkers head to Thulo Dhunga which is a camp that offers magnificent waterfalls cascading down. The area is rich with flora and fauna including musk deer, jharal, wild boar, langur, leopard, pheasant and partridge.

Day 8: Thulo Dhunga-Base Camp (Nojet Kharka) 3691m (6 hrs)

After breakfast, the trekkers move to steeply with occasional jaw-dropping views of the snowy peaks. Continue through seasonal grazing areas to eventually drop into an immense green meadow and splendid camp site known as Nojet Kharka.

Day 9: Exploration Day/viewpoint

After breakfast, trekkers climb to the ridge to the northeast, Dobra Danda which is rewarded with a supreme viewpoint of towering Ganesh Himal. Two small lakes shimmer below at the foot of the Himalaya. Kalo Kunda (black lake) has waters that mirror the awe-inspiring surroundings and the smaller Seto Kunda (white lake) has a seasonal pasture nearby.

Day 10: Return from Base Camp to Hindung (7-8 hrs)

Trekkers return back from Base camp to Hindung (Gomba Danda) withstunning mountain views, surrounding naural landscape and downhill jungle walk.

Day 11: Hindung-hot springs-Racyat Gaon/Kapur Gaon 1500m (5-6 hrs)

Trekkers follow Tatopani (Hot Spring) River south to a built up riverside hot springs with a bathing pool and taps. .Then they follow stone steps built by Kadoorie Agri Aid Association and British Gurkhas of Nepal. Then, they pass through Tir on the way to Racyat and Kapur villages.

Day 12: Rachyat/Kapur Gaon-Lapa-Khading Gaon 2025m (4-5 hrs)

Trekkers pass through Lapchyat gaon which has some 30 homes of Gurung community. Then, they pass the Lapa Khola on a bridge and ascend along a trail surrounded by fields to the walled compound of a newly built hospital in a large town of Lapa village which has some 400 homes.Above Lapa gaon, the trekkers will find Khading the largest Gurung village of the area.

Day 13: Khading Gaon to Magne Goth 2950m (4 hrs)

After breakfast, trekkers move steeply up the hill to the west in a tall, blue pine forest and they reach to Magne Goth which has rhododendron.

Day 14: Magne Goth – Lapu Danda 1250m (5-6 hrs)

After Magne Goth, the trekkers enter Gorkha district. The trek goes downhill by crossing Chote Khola before it climbs through forest and descends into a valley with excellent panoramas including Manaslu, soaring in the western horizon. Then the trek passes through the scenic villages of Dhonjet, Kartunje and Manbu and re-enter Dhading district to reach the magnificently located Laphu Danda where the trekkers can take in views of Himalchuli and Shringi peaks with a section of the Ganesh Range.

Day 15: Lapu Danda – Ganga Jamuna 950m (5-6 hrs)

After the breakfast, the trekkers climbs through fertile fields of Baseri as it ascends to Dandagaon, with excellent views of Manaslu and more. Then they finally reach twin waterfalls of Ganga Jamuna.

Day 16 Ganga Jamuna - Tripura Sundari 850m (5-6 hrs)

After having breakfast, trekkers walk easily passing the villages of Brahmin community, paddy terraces and low land terrain views of the surroundings before they reach to Tripura Sundari.

Day 17 Tripura Sundari - Kathmandu (6-7 hrs drive)

Trekkers can take a private vehicle for a public bus for Kathmandu. The trekkers can take rare and exotic view of wildlife, wildflowers, herbal plants, yarsagumba, waterfalls, hills and peaks and hospitable people on the way.

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